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Infinite Petals™ Mirror

Infinite Petals™ Mirror

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Mirror in the Day, Glowing Mini Tulips at Night!

During the day, it serves as a sleek, cloud-shaped mirror. But when the night falls, delicate mini tulips hidden within the mirror come to life, casting a soothing glow. This unique DIY product is not just a mirror; it's a captivating piece of art that adds a touch of magic to any room that turns into a beautiful garden of Tulips.


Best gift ever!

This is the best gift ever! It’s a tulip mirror lamp. It’s just a mirror that turns into a beautiful field of tulips. It’s a cool and cute present. These beautiful flowers will last longer than the regular ones. 

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Express your unspoken love and devotion through the timeless beauty of Lego flowers and enchanting melodies, creating a soulful connection between you and your loved one.


Elevate your romance with our Flower Music Box, where Lego flower petals whisper melodies of everlasting love. Build together to create a timeless symbol of affection.


Our music boxes are made from cruelty-free ABS plastic, showcasing our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.